“Nothing was ever created or emerged to live in isolation”
-Tukaki Waititi


5 finger Discount / Utu A Matimati magazine

We are making a local Art Zine. The goal is to create a zine series for takatāpui artists to showcase their art in a decolonized space. We’re looking for all kinds of media submissions that celebrate our unique world perspective and the bodies we live in. 

Whether you’re a writer, painter, digital artist, lyricist, poet, weaver, a potter, performing artists, photographer, hella into Fashion, a mean cook or even if you just remember one of Aunties best recipes, we want it all. If you work in a 3D medium, take photos… we want to share that too. The goal is to celebrate our community, help you guys find each other and provide a safe space for our korero. 

For our first edition, we want to highlight our artists and the stories they want to share, the pieces that express parts of who they are, identity and whakaaro. We want to pair up similar artist profiles and creatively combine their works into collage style edits that compliment the works. We hope to pair up artists of different mediums. Any other submissions, like written works, or BIPOC Business profiles will be sprinkled throughout.

If any of you have ever had the privilege of reading Pūrakau- Maori Myths Retold, you’ll be familiar with the modern exploration of our cultural history. Think of this zine as its visual equivalent. The artwork we make now, is how we reclaim that space and those stories. We are taking up the mantle of all the storytellers that came before us, carrying their spirit and retelling their stories as our own. And we’d love you to join us. 

In addition to this, members of the collective are working on a wide range of projects such as building chainmail, digital design, caring for native plants, gathering stories, latex cyborg, and a million other connections and seeds.

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